Are these the worst examples of business jargon?

Earlier this month, where reference is set about to demystify some of the most serious business jargon at the World Economic Forum in Davos, we could not have imagined it would reach so many of our readers’ raw nerves.

Hundreds felt feel compelled to get in touch with their own submissions, some unprintable, but the best of which we have “outlined” below.

There was, of course, plenty of criticism of our selections, with many objecting to the singling out of “benchmarking” – a term that has been in use in many disciplines for several decades – and a passionate debate about the exact meaning of “negative feedback loops”, more of which later.

But perhaps the wittiest critique received from Charles Crowe, who maintains that “all these explanations absence granularity and do not contain metrics sufficient to let us know if we need a new paradigm”.

We have taken that on board, Charles.

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